Officer Training Equals Success!

Becoming an officer of Phi Theta Kappa is an important accomplishment and incredible milestone requiring a considerable amount of responsibility. At North Lake College in Irving Texas, our officers attend a 4-day training, hosted by our Texas Region Alumni Association trainers. All the Chapters in the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) are invited to attend this free training where we learn about leadership duties, goal setting, calendar planning, Honors in Action, College Project, and team building, just to name a few. It is a chance to meet new people, make new friends, learn, and bond. We invite all current and potential officers, committee chairs, and members interested in taking leadership positions in their chapter. There is always something new to learn, especially getting the chance to interact and build rapport with your other officers from not only your chapter but from the other Chapters as well.

For our Chapter at North Lake College, Alpha Zeta Eta, the new officers were required to attend this training. This year, officers from Brookhaven, Eastfield, El Centro, and Cedar Valley attended as well. The training was well organized, informative, and helpful. It started off with what is Phi Theta Kappa 101- what does it mean and everything you need to know. Next, we discussed protocol within our chapters and district, having successful meetings, delegation, vitaes and resumes, and finally scholarships- and that was just day one. One day of the training was dedicated to Honors in Action. We went through the guide, processes, discussed and researched themes, and learned the in’s and out’s of how the HiA project works. WOW! What a day.

One day was spent with our District Chapters during the Annual Spring Fling, a time of networking and having fun with the other chapters in our area. Finally, on our last day, we had the opportunity for each chapter to learn their By-laws, explore Five-Star Competitive Edge (our trainers had even completed their Five-Star Competitive Edge!), yearbooks, and the hallmark awards. A Phi Theta Kappa crash course in 4-days; it was completely worth it, and we are now prepared to help our fellow members this upcoming term. We now know members from other chapters and cannot wait to see them at the Texas Honors Institute in July. We are now prepared to lead our chapters to success!

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