Alpha Zeta Eta Finds a New Fundraising Opportunity!

As the Fall semester begins, the college is brimmed with students navigating their way to their classes. With merciful Professors giving extra window time to enter their classes, the new students and the old alike begin their academic journey. Though this may be experienced at most colleges, here at North Lake College, the story was different. It is the legacy that Phi Theta Kappa’s North Lake College chapter Alpha Zeta Eta, ardently maintains with the Follett Bookstore for the past three years. With 27 willing hearts the volunteering service for the Follett Bookstore at North Lake College was quite a success; amounting to 288 hours of service. As a well-prepared event, even before the service could begin in the first week of the semester, which had been the order of the past, students were given a two-day training falling on the 16th and the 17th of August 2017. On the first day, the orientation took place in the morning under the guidance of Mr. Mark Moore, the Store Manager who was strict and diligent at the same time. Through slide show presentation the students were taught about the basics and the norm of the Follett Bookstore. Following the orientation, the students were taken to the bookstore and further taught on how to find a book and its availability at the bookstore through their Follett website. And it did not stop there, as some of the students were challenged to find books as per the instructions. It was a real challenge as it seemed well understood when the instruction was first made but with a quick reminder from Mr. Jodeci Solomon a Team Member, who controlled the affairs at the store room helped the students to find the books at ease. And the day ended at noon with these instructions.

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