STAR Scholarships

The STAR Scholarship was established by Dr. Mary Hood to assist students in completing their community college experience. The top two scholarships are awarded  in honor of Dr. Mary Hood and Dr. Yolanda Romero. Below you will find the list of the 2017 Scholarship Recipients as well as information about the application process.


Dr. Mary Hood STAR Scholar ($1,000):
 Brenda Godoy
Alpha Mu Chi
Dr. Yolanda Romero STAR Scholar ($1,000.00):
Phuoc (Phoebe) Nguyen
Alpha Zeta Eta
North Lake College
Heselmeyer – Palacios-Wilhelm STAR Scholar ($750.00):
 Savina Rodriguez
Beta Delta Iota


Eldridge-Videtto STAR Scholar ($750.00):
Josue Flores
Alpha Zeta Eta
North Lake College
Texas STAR Scholars ($500.00): 
Heber Bibang
Omega Omega

Mountain View College

Rachel Jordan
Alpha Mu Chi
Michelle Gomez
Beta Upsilon Mu
LSC-University Park
STAR Scholars ($250.00):
 S.M. Gibran
Alpha Zeta Eta
North Lake College
Summer Johnson
Beta Delta Iota
Emily Shields
Iota Alpha
Trinity Valley Community College
Samantha Hurt
Alpha Alpha Rho
LSC-North Harris

Applying for the STAR Scholarship:

Dr. Mary Hood STAR Scholarship Application – typically due in early July


Applicants must be a student returning to a community college with a GPA of 3.5 or higher who has completed a total of 15 credit hours and who has enrolled in at least 9 hours during the spring semester to receive a Texas STAR scholarship (spring mini-terms beginning after the end of the long Spring semester will not be considered part of the spring academic term). The Scholarship is contingent on the student being enrolled in at least 9 credit hours each semester the scholarship is awarded. 

CHECK LIST: Have you done the following? 

  1. Completed all portions of the STAR Application
  2. Signed the STAR Application
  3. Obtained the signature of your advisor on the STAR Application to verify membership and good standing in your local chapter
  4. Uploaded your complete STAR Application.
  5. Uploaded letter of recommendation concerning academic progress.
  6. Uploaded letter of recommendation concerning leadership experience.
  7. Uploaded copy of official transcript from all colleges you have attended.
  8. Mailed one official college transcript from all colleges you have attended to Dr. Chris Allen (mailing address will appear in the application)  

Scholarships are announced at the Texas Honors Institute.